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Avoid These Things Until You Can Get Your Needed Windshield Replacement

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If your windshield has a crack or another issue and you need to get a windshield replacement, you ideally will avoid driving the vehicle at all until the new windshield is put into place. But if there is a scenario where you must keep driving your vehicle for some time until you can make it to your appointment for the replacement, there are some situations you should actively try to avoid. Here are some tips to keep in mind to ensure your windshield crack or defect does not get worse.

Avoid Car Washes

An automated or high pressure car wash is not something you want to introduce your vehicle to while there is a crack on the windshield. Too much pressure in the wrong spot could cause the crack to spread. If you must wash your car for some reason, do it by hand and try to avoid touching the windshield altogether.

Avoid Potholes and Bumpy Roads

When your windshield has a crack in it, it is in a weakened state and may more easily suffer additional damage from the impact it receives. If you must drive with a crack on your windshield, you want to pay close attention to the road and make sure you steer clear of any potholes. Sending your car into a big bump could be jarring for both you and the windshield crack and lead to the crack spreading. Try and stick to major roads as well and avoid the less traveled path. A road doesn't have to have potholes to have a few bumps along the way. This is not the time to go off-roading down a dirt trail, for example.

Avoid the Defroster

If the crack in your windshield develops during winter, be careful with your defroster use. Introducing heat to one side of the crack while the other side is still freezing could cause a reaction. You should also avoid dumping buckets of hot water on the windshield to melt the ice for the same reason.

Avoid High Speeds

When you must take to the road, try and watch your speed and stay below the speed limit when it is safe to do so and you won't be impeding other drivers. If an object like a small rock hits your windshield while the vehicle is in motion, you don't want to be driving super fast as this could make the impact even worse.

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